I am honored to help women tap into and harness their feminine power.

Since becoming a certified coach in 2015, Jillian has helped hundreds of individuals step into their power and craft their dream life. After working with so many clients, a pattern emerged: many women were limited in their growth in business and their personal lives. She found that the difference between women who are unsure or confused about their purpose and the ones living it with clarity and vitality is that the women living it are connected to themselves and feel empowered in their feminine. When women are not in tune with their wants, needs, and desires, they have a hard time receiving and often settle for what they believe is good enough.

As someone who used to feel dis-empowered, Jillian recognized this pattern well. She considers herself fortunate to be a survivor of sexual, mental, emotional, and physical abuse because she now has the opportunity to show other women that it’s possible (even probable!) to come out the other side and live the life of your dreams.

Over the years, Jillian has learned that the highest form of empowerment is becoming the best version of ourselves. Now, her passion and purpose is to support women in going after the life of their dreams and living their soul’s purpose.

You are worthy of having everything and anything you desire! God does not give us the ability to conceive something that isn’t possible.

Jillian’s coaching sessions are priceless.... Our interactions were very comforting, encouraging and communicated genuine concern.
— Patricia, VA
Jillian helped me realize that having all of the answers is an unrealistic pressure to put on myself, and what’s more, she gave me practical ways to get my questions answered as my business evolves.
— Melissa, CA
I love speaking with Jillian! She is an amazing coach and always recharges me.
— Kaitlyn, CO
She genuinely cares which is a rare trait, and always has an ear and great advice and direction as to where to go from there. I highly recommend getting to know this kind Spirit! She’s blessed my life and will yours too I’m sure!
— Tiffany, TX
Hard to put into words how awesome Jillian is. I had a great experience!
— J.C, WA